Exposio 1-Click Kit

Perfect photos with ease

The 1-Click Kit is ideal for real estate professionals with no DSLR camera. It includes all the necessary equipment to obtain Exposio photos easily.

Seduce with stunning HDR photos.

Millions of photos developed
for hundreds of clients and partners.

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Canon 10-18mm Lens Close up

Just 1-Click away from a fast sale

Thanks to our 1-Click Kit and its Exposio memory card, only 1-Click is needed to capture all the lights in a room. Within seconds, Exposio will develop your shots in a perfect HDR photo that will show to potential buyers the best of your property. Perfect photos are the best marketing tool for a fast real estate sale!

  • Perfect photos with ease

    • The Canon EOS 250D Camera
    • Exposio memory card of 8GB
    • Fast and automatic photo development with our Exposio Darkroom software
    • 50 photos included
    • A Tripod
    • A carrying case
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    Make your life easier

    3 month financing

  • Canon EOS 250D:

    • 18 Mega Pixels CCD
    • Full HD 1080p video
    • Large 2.8-inch Vari-angle LCD

    Canon 10-18mm EFS:

    • Ultra wide angle fast aperture,
      ideal in low light
    • Achieve images with an exaggerated perspective
    • Carrying case, front &
      rear caps

    Exposio Darkroom software:

    • Tailored interface for Exposio HDR processing
    • Built-in editing tools
    • Server to server connections for optimal bandwitdh management
    • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
      Works under Mac OSX with the CrossOver software
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